Ancient Egypt

As SS21 took shape during the weeks and months of the pandemic lockdown, amidst uncertainties, concerns for the future, speculations about a better future and the constant alternation of hope and despair, Marco Kinloch’s interests focused on the struggle between light and darkness during Ancient Egypt.
In Marco's own words:
“There is possibly no connection between essayist and poet Joseph Brodsky and Ancient Egypt but for some reason reading some of his work has inspired this whole collection “for darkness restores what life cannot repair”[J.Brodsky]. Akhenaten reigned in the second half of the 14th century b.C., abandoning Egypt’s traditional polytheistic religion and introducing a kind of monotheism or maybe better monolatry. His view of light, his worship of the sun disc, wasn’t strong enough to repair what was broken in Egypt at the end of the Bronze Age. Nefertiti, his wife, was possibly one of the most beautiful women in history whose bust still fascinate millions today in Berlin. His young successor, Tutankhamen, who took the throne when he was eight years old, restored the ancient system and punished his predecessor to oblivion by damnatio memoriae.”

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