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Rome,  January 26  2018


Roi du Lac presents the new women’s RTW AW18 collection. In line with the company’s devotion to the onyric, customers are faced with an embodiment of Roi du Lac’s imaginary world. The cut, deeply rooted in tradition, shows a contemporary twist that meets the taste of today’s cosmopolitan stimulating society whose common ground in terms of cultural heritage is clearly expressed in Roi du Lac’s choice of prints. The flower theme, in which geckos play hide and seek, show style contaminations ranging from the Pacific islands to the European Art Nouveau artistic period. The Cirque Japonais collection, with its acrobats on stairs and bucket-jugglers make the bridge between the Japanese essential artistic culture and the development of the minimal, pattern-oriented western style perspective from the ’70s onwards. 

Finally, the choice of velvet and special jacquard fabric designed by Roi du Lac give real depth to  the collection in an ironic - and often irreverent - way. 

Roi du Lac 


Roi du Lac was created in 2016 by the Scottish-Italian designer Marco Kinloch and his wife Antea Brugnoni Alliata. The brand now carries a RTW line for women as well as an accessories line for both men and women. Since its creation, Roi du Lac has also become well known also for its home collection, featuring wallpapers, fabrics for the home, table wear and scented candles. 

Roi du Lac’s products are now available in over 40 stores worldwide. 



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