Off the Wall

During this last year and a half, our lives have changed in shape and substance. Our habits have changed and we have long forgotten the normality of our previous life. Many of us have a new outlook on our work, our dreams and our own role within the family. We have detached ourselves from the fabric to which we were bound, to find new ways of surviving and sometimes growing.
Roi du Lac’s Resort 2021 came about from this relationship between constrictions and liberation, freeing the clothes from their ties to our most iconic wallpaper and allowing them new ways of expressing themselves.
The complexity of this uprooting of the individual and the search for new dimensions is interpreted in the mixture of styles, sporty and elegant, and the fabrics, technical and precious.
Women of all ages, the principal players in the present phase of the world and this period of crisis, adapt the material to their needs, projecting their own dreams.
With this in mind, we asked customers and friends to try on the clothes from Resort 2021, choosing those which they liked best and matching them with the accessories they thought most appropriate.
An emotional experience which allowed us to crystalize in time these last few months of lockdown spent together since the opening of our first shop in Rome.
Antea Brugnoni
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