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Antea e Marco

Marco is a mixture of Scottish and Italian. His Scottish heritage makes him practical, reliable and down-to- earth; his Italian background means he is creative with a natural flair for design and good taste. Both sides of his upbringing are reflected in his character and his work. Antea is a sicilian aristocrat who has grown up in Malaysia, Morocco, the Middle East and Sicily. with five languages to her credit and a range of experience which encompasses the Arab world and the west, she makes the perfect ambassador for the Roi du Lac brand. The name “Roi du Lac”, the king of the lake, is inspired by marco’s Scottish surname “Kinloch”.  it tries to envisage designs and styles based on...


Le Roi du Lac

When in Rome, with Antea and Marco Kinloch, going through some designs in their atelier, I always get the feeling that the king of the lake knows his place in the world. The walls of the showroom are coloured by hand, there are tapestries and decorated panels everywhere. I am surrounded by all their friends, their things, some of their new toys and some of their old rags. Frogs, monkeys, little parrots, bamboo sticks, peach-tree branches, iris flowers, ming vases, pleated cloth lampshades, persian tiles, colourful cushions made of silk or heavy cotton, fill the place with atmosphere, like a cascade of memories and fragments of other lives. I enjoy sitting on the sofa or the little bench in the...